Rotary reminds customers about its British heritage

Rotary's Ultra Slim models will cut free from the Swiss-made restrictions.

Rotary is streamlining its UK business tactics with a simplified approach designed to connect directly with consumers.

The company is reminding customers about the British heritage of the brand by organising much of its production into collections named after places in the UK.

Annette Hill-Stewart, Rotary’s executive vice president explains: “The strategy for 2017 is to not over complicate our brand direction and customer recognition we are quite simply concentrating on our end consumer.”


“Over the next 12 months Rotary will align its collection into family names reflecting the brand’s British roots: Windsor, Oxford, Cambridge, Henley, Kensington and Greenwich,” she adds.

The company, which has been owned by China Haidian Holdings since 2013, is re-launching its Ultra Slim collection without its “Swiss-Made” description, but it says its core ranges will continue to use high specification materials and detailing such as sapphire glass, 316L stainless steel, Guilloché dials and applied indexes.

“We are confident that our commitment to these changes will deliver unparalleled quality timepieces at an exceptional price meeting our customer requirements,” Ms Hill-Stewart insists.


All changes will take effect as of August 2017.


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