Rotary jets into the Caribbean


Rotary is continuing to expand its international presence by lunching in a number of Caribbean stores through the Columbian Emerald International group and developing its core airline business.

Via Columbian Emerald International group, Rotary timepieces will feature in free standing display units within a number of stores in the Caribbean.

Additionally, Rotary has continued to develop its core airline business with a specially developed airline range to cater for travellers’ needs. The brand has reported an 82% increase in Rotary airline listings compared to 18 months ago. The latest airline listings to be secured include, LAN Chile, Avianca, Sun Wing, Aeroflot and Transaero. This year Rotary will also be extending its airline gift-with-purchase models.


Recently, Rotary announced that Starboard Cruise Services has more than doubled the number of vessels that the brand features on, due to the fact that sales have exceeded expectations by more than 50%.

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