Ronnie Wood adds his artistic flair to one-off Bremont Marine Chronometer


Bremont co-founders Nick and Giles English are avid historians of British horology, and have drawn inspiration many times from the marine chronometers invented by John Harrison and his contemporaries in the 18th century.

Mr Harrison was a rock star of his day, having cracked the challenge of calculating longitude while at sea using his timekeeping instruments.

Even today, he is remembered as one of this country’s finest engineers, and came 39th in a study of 100 Greatest Britons by the BBC in 2002.


Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood might have made that same list (David Bowie and John Lennon were both featured). He will be remembered in centuries to come not only as one of the world’s greatest rock stars, but also as a respected artist.

BREMONT-Ronnie Wood painting

These disparate strands have come together this week with the creation of a unique clock created by Bremont and decorated by Ronnie Wood.

The Bremont Ronnie Wood B1 Marine Chronometer clock is the result of the collaboration and is, in fact, the second clock Mr Wood has painted for the British watchmaker.

“We were always planning a series of clocks but I went away to do four gigs and ended up touring for four years,” says Mr Wood.

Bremont makes a few Marine Chronometers in the UK every year, and they are highly collectible, particularly limited editions made in collaboration with famous artists.

The unique clock was announced on the first day of Bremont’s Town House exhibition in London that kicked off yesterday. The showcase will present the 2017 watch collections of Bremont to retailers and the press.

BREMONT-Ronnie Wood clock

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