ROLEX WATCH: What the world wants to see in 2020


Welcome to a new WatchPro series where we feature the best YouTube videos about Rolex from around the world.

We call it Rolex Watch — geddit?! Look out for future spin-offs: Omega Watch, Audemars Piguet Watch and Mickey Mouse Watch.

As well as being shameless click bait, we hope the business world enjoys and learns from what Rolex and other watch lovers are viewing on the world’s most powerful marketing platform because what they watch is influencing what they buy.


First up is a classy video from Jenni Elle, who describes herself as a German watch lover married to the founder of Watchvice, a German language blog and and ecommerce site.

Ms Elle makes content for Watchvice, but recently thought she would strike out on her own. The result is a channel with tremendous production values and the fresh twist of being presented by a younger woman rather than the usual male, pale and stale Youtubers on the watch business.

Her most eye-catching video is a prediction or wish list for what the world might see from Rolex in 2020 and includes mock-ups of a steel Rolex Submariner in the blue on blue smurf style, a GMT Master II Coke with its red and black bezel, and an 18ct yellow gold Submariner with green bezel and dial.


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