ROLEX WATCH: Horology House horror


Adrian Barker’s Bark & Jack Youtube channel has over 80,000 subscribers thanks to his natural style of chatting from his living room with a cup of coffee in one hand and interesting watches in the other.

He combines a love of watches with a background in tech, having worked for Apple for four years and interior furnishings ecommerce site Loaf.com for four.

He left the London rat race behind in 2018, resurfacing in Glasgow, from where he launched his Youtube channel about watches.


Mr Barker does not court controversy, in fact leaving the stress of the corporate world behind is part of his story, which is why a video last week about the Horology House scandal was out of left field.

For those unfamiliar with the scandal, it is easiest to just watch Mr Barker’s video. In it, he tiptoes through allegations that the Australian social media-based luxury watch trader had sold a fake Rolex Daytona and taken many months to return the customer’s money.

The story blew up on Rolex forums where Horology House owner Chris Essery was accused of multiple failures to deliver watches as promised and in the process amassing considerable sums of money and making up stories to cover his tracks.

It is a story WatchPro has been watching develop, expecting at some point that Mr Essery might be arrested and charged, and thus turning what might be merely an online witch hunt into a genuine story of fraud.

In the absence of the story heading in that direction, and because Mr Essery has vanished from all his social media platforms, it is being driven by people on the forums, who have generated more digital column inches than Harry and Meghan in recent weeks.

We have steered clear, but think Bark & Jack piece is worth your time.




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  1. Omg, one of the worst channels over there Bark and Jack. A naive guy, super subjective, which personally don’t trust, specially after his Vermont video, Batman flipping after bashing the batgirl, cuz he had the previous model, bashing Ceramics watches cuz he only have a couple of steel ones, constant click bait videos, the even worse ‘Bubble burst’ baity one, etc.


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