Rolex robbery sparks panic as fireworks are used to distract Zales staff

Sawgrass Mills robbery

Florida police say that an incident in a Sawgrass Mills shopping mall when exploding fireworks caused a major security alarm were part of a robbery of a Zales boutique in which a $11,400 Rolex was stolen.

Shoppers and workers scrambled for safety when the fireworks went off outside the Zales store on New Year’s Eve.

Amid the panic, a man who had been trying on watches in the jeweler dashes for the door as store staff run for cover.

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Sunrise Police released a video this weekend that showed the incident along with a description of the stolen Rolex and the suspect.

The perpetrator is described as a white Hispanic male. The Rolex identification number 1626 can be found between the lugs of the watch if it is offered to any jewelers.


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