Rolex retailers expect novelties on sale from September 1

Submariner Date

Tudor’s launch tactics for a navy blue Black Bay this month was a model that looks certain to be followed by its parent organization Rolex in September, at least in part.

Tudor had stock of the new watch in place with its authorized dealers on the day of the unveiling, and they were primed and ready with marketing material that dominated watch coverage for a week.

ADs speaking to WatchPro over the weekend said Tudor’s launch had reignited in store sales after months of being closed.

Rolex will fire the starting gun for the holiday season when it reveals its 2020 novelties on September 1, and its retail partners have been told to expect the new watches to be distributed so they can go on sale the same day.

In normal years, watches launched in March at Baselworld reach retailers months later.

Rolex has not officially notified its ADs or the press about the coordinated launch, but its reps are promising the watches will be ready to go.

Tudor had review models with journalists before their launch, with non disclosure agreements preventing details leaking.

Rolex is unlikely to go the same route with its entire 2020 line up, but could distribute information and review pieces under embargo for a headline-grabbing watch such as a restyled steel Submariner in green or blue.


  1. I might fed up with the non availability of watches at the also have bought omega in my opinion a far superior brand

  2. Nothing makes me happier than the anticipation of Rolex releasing information about their new models for 2020. As a Rolex die hard fan I can’t wait to see what Rolex has in store in September this year. The smart money is on the release of new Submariners with the 3235 movement. The iconic Submariner will get better, better accuracy (current accuracy is already brilliant) , longer power reserves 70 hrs vs 48 hrs and more resistance to magnetism with the escapement and pallet fork like the hairspring being made of magnetic resistant alloys.. I only hope the waiting time to obtain one of these iconic watches will not be too long. However, like they say “… good things are worth waiting for “.

  3. Yeah Rolex can’t keep up with the demand and all AD’ s store are empty. I wonder how are those people will get paid when there’s nothing to sell. I’m willing to spend but there’s none to buy.


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