Rolex puts on concerts to support struggling artists through pandemic


Rolex is launching an initiative to support musicians and singers that are struggling financially during ruinously untargeted Covid-19 lock downs.

The aim of the project is to give artists who have suffered both the loss of audience and income the best possible conditions of performing with renowned artists at prestigious venues with the finest acoustics.

Starting late August and continuing through to early September, three Rolex Perpetual Music concerts will take place in Pesaro, Italy (21 August); Berlin, Germany (1 September) and Paris, France (3 September).


In each of the concerts, a Rolex Testimonee will introduce the evening and present the artists: Juan Diego Flórez in Pesaro, Sonya Yoncheva in Berlin, Rolando Villazón and associated artist Renaud Capuçon (pictured top) in Paris.

All the artists will be paid for their performances.

Although the concerts will not have audiences, they will be shown live on medici.tv and available to download or stream until the end of October.

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