Rolex ousted from Coolbrands Top 20 annual list


The latest list of the coolest consumer brands suggests that traditional luxury brands such as Rolex might have their work cut out for them remaining relevant to future generations.

Rolex, which featured at no.9 last year, has been unceremoniously bumped out of the Coolbrands Top 20 2015/16 list, which is beginning to feature more technology brands such as Netflix, Instagram, Spotify and of course Apple, ahead of traditional luxury names. Champagne house Dom Perignon also failed to make the Top 20 this year after featuring at no.8 last year.

London retailer Liberty made the list at no.20 while Selfridges, last year’s no.19, failed to appear.

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However, quite what constitutes a brand might be brought into question by the Top 20 inclusion of the Royal Albert Hall, the Kensington music venue, at no.13 and music festival Glastonbury at no. 13.

The Coolbrands Top 20 list is voted for by 2,500 members of the British public and a panel of 36 ‘experts’ including actors, musicians and editors. The voting is weighted 15:85 in favour of the panel.

The Coolbrands Top 20 2015/16

1. Apple
2. Ray-Ban
3. Glastonbury
4. Nike
5. Netflix
6. Alexander McQueen
7. Instagram
9. YouTube
10. Aston Martin
11. Spotify
12. Google
13. Royal Albert Hall
14. Sonos
15. Whole Foods Market
16. Bang & Olufsen
17. Ace Hotel
18. adidas
19. Virgin Atlantic
20. Liberty

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