Rolex makes its social networking debut


Rolex has launched official Facebook and Pinterest pages in its first move into social media channels.

The luxury Swiss brand appears to have launched its Facebook page at the end of March and a direct post to users on April 24 reads: "Welcome to the official Rolex Facebook page.

We are pleased to encourage you to share your passion for Rolex watches and their universe. Kindly note that the Facebook Page is not intended for commercial or after-sales service matters. Please refer to your official Rolex retailer or service centre for all your inquiries. In keeping with the spirit of excellence that Rolex upholds, we kindly invite you to consult the House Rules, which are designed to preserve respectful exchange in this global community". The page has received 466,000 ‘likes’ to date and includes an informative and animated timeline tracking the brand’s history. It also includes ‘House Rules’ telling users how they should conduct themselves.


The Pinterest page provides a series of product and lifestyle images of the brand and people wearing Rolex watches.
While some bloggers have expressed their surprise that Rolex has ventured into social networking, Wes Suter, sales director at retailer Steffans, which includes watch dedicated shop The Watch Works in Northampton, which doesn’t stock Rolex, said he is not shocked.

"Everybody has to embrace new technologies," he said. "Heritage is important and Rolex has amazing tradition that really works but everyone – not just watch brands – has to embrace new media or they will not be able to reach out to a captive audience."

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