Rolex is the most reputable brand in the world, RepTrack research concludes.


Rolex has topped an international list of the most reputable brands on the planet.

The Global RepTrak 100 is a study that Reputaion Institute conducts annually to measure the reputation of the world’s 100 most highly-regarded and familiar global companies in 15 countries.

Included firms must have a significant economic presence in the 15 largest economies, have an above average reputation in its home country and have global familiarity.


The results aim to identify which companies are best regarded by consumers, what drives trust and support with consumers, and how the top companies are living up to public expectations.

Rolex came top of the RepTrack 100 list with a score of 80.38. Any score above 80 means more than four out of five people would recommend the product, would like to buy the product and would even like to work for the company.

Lego, Walt Disney, Cannon and Google made up the rest of the top five.

No other pure watchmaker made it into the top 100, although smartwatch makers including Apple and Samsung were on the list.

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