Rolex hikes warranty and service intervals


Rolex has more than doubled the duration of the warranty offered on its watches and increased its recommended service interval to ten years.

The Swiss watch giant quietly announced the changes to its retailers recently in a move that speaks volumes about the brand’s confidence in its product and offers end customers much reduced running costs over the lifetime of a Rolex.

The updated warranties will now cover new Rolexes for five year from purchase instead of two years while the recommended service interval has increased from three to ten years.


While the interval is only a recommendation, any customer buying a new Rolex and following the brand’s advice now only needs consider one service within the first ten years of ownership instead of three.

Rolex is renowned for incremental improvements to its movements over many years. Such familiarity with its movements and the ability to continually tweak for better performance and durability would explain the company’s confidence in the reliability of its watches.

It is understood that Rolex also recently introduced a new magnetic strip warranty card that automatically registers the date of purchase with Rolex HQ when swiped by the retailer.

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