Rolex boxes become sought after too as social media drives designer boom


Getting your hands on a sought after Rolex these days is tough enough, as we all know.

However, what about the empty box? If you’ve got a stash of empty Rolex boxes as well as ones from other high end watch and fashion brands, you could be sitting on a small fortune.

According to a report in The Sunday Times, Louise Eccles discovers how “piles of empty boxes and paper carrier bags” from designer labels are selling for hundreds of pounds online.


Certainly an interesting trend but almost unsurprising in today’s world in which life seems to centre on social media.

The Sunday Times report explains how the movement is actually supposedly driven by the lifestyles of Kylie Jenner and those of a similar ilk who are frequently posting pictures of walk-in wardrobes and bedrooms which are filled with designer bags and boxes.

The data from analysis of eBay sales shows as expected, Rolex boxes were the most expensive with an average list price of £160, followed by TAG, Breitling and Omega.

The report went on to detail how Louis Vuitton shoe boxes were listed for an average of £74, while listings for the famous duck-egg blue Tiffany boxes tied with white ribbons averaged £51, according to a study by the price-comparison website Money.co.uk.

In some cases, multiple Tiffany boxes were sold in a single lot.

Personal finance expert at Money.co.uk, Salman Haqqi, explained: “We have heard of a few different reasons people might want to purchase empty designer packaging.

“At times it’s for home decor. They might have seen walk-in wardrobes filled with Chanel bags and Louis Vuitton boxes proudly on show on Pinterest. Or it could be to use them as background props for Instagram posts, replicating those posted by the rich and famous.”

Adding: “On TikTok people have spoken about upcycling these designer shopping bags into accessories or even art. Often people refill expensive candle jars or handwash bottles with cheaper alternatives, showing that there’s real value not just in the designer goods themselves but in the boxes, bottles or bags they come in.”

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