RJ-Romain Jerome wins prize for Basel ad campaign


RJ-Romain Jerome’s advertising campaign, released during Baselworld 2013, has been crowned Campaign of the Year by a jury of communication professionals.

The RJ-Romain Jerome campaign, made initially for the Baselworld, was a project produced 100% in-house, from the conception idea to copywriting, including design to creative direction.

A statement from RJ_Romain Jerome said that the "aim was to bypass the industry codes in terms of communication which tend to always recycle the same cliché. All seven visuals from the campaign feature a disproportioned claim on a white background, while the simplicity of RJ’s words has taken over the emotion emerging from the campaign".

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RJ-Romain Jerome defied the common saying that a picture is worth 1,000 words and made the wording the feature of the ad, placing the watches in retreat. Each visual refers to a specific model described by a subtle text that recalls historical famous sayings or by tantalising people with sold out timepieces.

This is the third time the watchmaker has won the prize in four years.

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