Richemont’s eco-friendly Baume watches offered as configurable automatics


A year after Richemont launched Baume as watch brand aimed at a digitally connected, environmentally-aware customers, the business has added  mechanical timepieces to its online store.

The Automatic Custom Timepiece series, which went on sale this week, can be configured on the Baume website into 432 different variations by choosing different cases, hands and straps.

Once the watch is designed, it can be bought for $780 and delivered to a customer’s home.

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No precious or animal based materials are involved in the manufacturing process, and unused components are systematically recycled or up-cycled as appropriate. The finishing touch is the FSC-certified paper and cardboard shipping box in which the timepieces are delivered – stripped down to a bare minimum and also recyclable.

“There is virtually nowhere else in the market where customers have the opportunity to personalize an automatic watch that is environmentally friendly, and at an unbeatable price. It was very important for us to offer a collection like this that was accessible, but that at the same time meet the highest standards of quality and savoir-faire,” suggests Marie Chassot, head of Baume.



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