Richard Mille’s new Tourbillon Aerodyne fuses Carbon TPT with 5N red gold


The new RM 21-01 Tourbillon Aerodyne from Richard Mille sees the brand’s designers fuse both Carbon TPT and 5N red gold into this piece.

With a baseplate of Haynes 214 with blue PVD coating, Richard Mille is releasing the new watch in a limited edition of 50 watches.

In capitalising on engineering materials—particularly from the fields of aeronautics and Formula 1—and testing their potential applications in a watch movement or its housing, Richard Mille says the RM 21-01 Tourbillon Aerodyne is true to this lineage and draws on the influence of aeronautics.


With the RM 21-01, Richard Mille presents a new case design. The complex structure of the case in 5N red gold is reinforced with an exoskeleton in Carbon TPT, used for the bezel and pillars.

This extremely light and durable composite is made by stacking hundreds of layers of carbon fibres thanks to an automated process that rotates 45° between each layer, then heated to 120° in an autoclave before being machined to the nearest micron.

For the bridges, Richard Mille’s movement team opted for grade 5 titanium, a biocompatible titanium aluminium-vanadium alloy used in the aerospace industry that ensures superior rigidity and corrosion resistance.

Meanwhile, the sapphire glass dial provides a transparent window into the manual-winding Calibre RM21-01.

The power-reserve indicator is placed in lieu of the number at 11 o’clock, while the torque indicator occupies the 1 o’clock position. The latter makes it possible to immediately know the barrel spring’s tension and thus optimise the movement’s functioning.

At 4 o’clock sits the function selector, operated by a pusher integrated into the centre of the crown, which is crafted in Carbon TPT and 5N red gold with a gasket in the same material as the white rubber bracelet.

From the thoroughly meticulous hand finishing of the movement that includes bevelling, polishing, burnishing and chamfering of the components, to the use of innovative and technical materials and the incorporation of a tourbillon to counter the effects of Earth’s gravity, the new RM 21-01 Tourbillon Aerodyne, issued in a limited edition of 50 watches, explores new horizons.

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