REVIEW: Alexander Shorokhoff soars new heights with limited edition “Levels”


In referencing the different levels of the dial, this is where Alexander Shorokhoff‘s limited edition piece gets its name but is certainly not where the brilliance of the watch ends.

Not only does it give a nod to the levels on a practical sense, it more broadly suggests how Alexander Shorokhoff is soaring huge heights in terms of its watchmaking.

A truly sublime piece limited to 99 pieces per dial shows the time at home on level one, while the next level presents local time – catering perfectly to the jet-setting travellers of the world when any type of Covid-induced restrictions sit firmly in the rear view mirror.


The German-based brand doesn’t stop here though, and on level three showcases the logo, leaving the fourth to present the limitation number of the watch.

With the levels inspired design kicking the first look at the watch off in true style, as we delve deeper into this unusual timepiece, we begin to learn even more about its soul.

Designers say the most important and highest level is placed above the calendar window. There, at an elevated “bridge” a magnifying glass is innovatively positioned to enlarge the visibility of the small date display of the ETA-movement cal. 2671.

In this arrangement the magnifying glass resembles a monocle and underlines the creativity of Alexander Shorokhov, who has seemingly broken the status quo to build-in the magnifying glass directly into the sapphire front glass.

The complete rose gold-plated “skyscraper” construction is built on a guilloched “basement” in petrol-blue or silver colour, creating contrasts and harmony at the same time.

The colours have been selected perfectly but in order to add the brand’s signature touch of extraordinary, it has applied a coloured stripe from the artist succeeded in keeping the perfect arrangement and, at the same time, to give the the watch the unmistakable “Alexander Shorokhoff-design.”

Among other unique watches by “Alexander Shorokhoff” this model belongs to the special philosophy of “Art on the wrist“ and is available for €3,500.

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