Retail experts share secrets to selling overseas


UK Trade & Investment is hosting a live panel webinar this week that will give retailers tips on using their British heritage to increase sales abroad.

The event, which takes place on Thursday 26 March, will see a panel of experts discuss how retailers can best leverage ‘Britishness’ to support international business growth.

Discussion points include how retailers can best use their British background to grow into new markets and establish what’s appealing about British products for international buyers.

The panel will also highlight tried and tested marketing and PR that has really delivered results and the use of content, images and writing to promote the concept of ‘Britishness’ to generate interest.

They will also reveal what they learned about selling to overseas customers in order to help retailers overcome common mistakes.

The panel will be chaired by Ian McGarrigle, chairman of the World Retail Congress, who boasts extensive retail experience.

On the panel will be Eric Musgrave, editorial director of Drapers and Neil Gaukwin, general manager of Disaster Designs. Additional panel members are expected to be announced this week.

The webinar is run by i2i Events Group and delegates can register here.



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