Resultco’s latest Morphic chronograph watch souped-up with supercar styling


Resultco has added a carbon fiber bezel to the latest model of its Morphic brand.

The sporty Morphic family is joined by the M51 Series of Swiss quartz-based watches, whose bezel and rifled crown give it the look and feel of a supercar’s dashboard gauge.

“It’s anything but a sleeper, it screams you’re always on the move,” says Resultco. “Its uni-directional carbon fiber bezel and full functioning chronograph keeps practicality at the forefront. Completing the overall feel is a leather band with a carbon fiber pattern.”


Resultco helps retailers expand their ecommerce business by providing all of the images and information they need to promote watches online. The company has a number of watch brands to suit every demographic of customers.

Retailers do not need to tie up cash buying and stocking watches from Resultco. Instead, they promote the watches on their own websites and, when a sale is made, Resultco ships the watch directly to the customer and pays the retailer a cut of the sale price.

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