Restaurants and bars pledge not to gouge Baselworld visitors


Baselworld is actively promoting 30 bars and restaurants to visitors that have signed up to a code of conduct during the show designed to keep a lid on costs.

The establishments have agreed not to raise priced during the Baselworld period and each will also produce a special Baselworld menu or offer.

In addition, three bars have have become recommended as “Baselworld Night Spots”, although it is not clear what promises they have made in return for being promoted so expect to continue paying a premium for a pint.

“We know that gastronomy in the city plays an important role in the evaluation of our visitors’ sojourn during the show,” says Michel Loris-Melikoff, managing director of Baselworld.

“In this area there was repeated criticism, especially that prices were too high at the time of the show of that the cost/benefit ratio was not appropriate. Together with our partners, we are now demonstrating that there are many positive alternatives in Basel because we only recommend restaurants that offer our guests demonstrably fair prices and a culinary standard commensurate with Baselworld,” he adds.

Click to see participating restaurants and night spots.

To the Baselworld Restaurant Partners

To the Baselworld Night Spots




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