Ressence turns to colored balls to show the time at a glance


Ressence is not the first watch company committed to altering our relationship with time, nor will it be the last.

As humans, the watchmaker asserts, we seem to have forgotten how to read time without looking at a watch.

“Today we are taught to look at hands on a dial to indicate a point in time. But what if we could challenge that paradigm? What if being inspired by the position of the sun or feeling the daylight’s brightness was more effective?” the business asks.


That question led Ressence to work with Professor Christopher Harvey of the department of neuroscience at Harvard, who was studying the way the brain makes sense of information displayed on a watch dial and how it understands time.

One of his findings was that the way watches with hands represent time might not be the most efficient way to indicate multidimensional information in the glimpse of an eye.

He concluded that that colors are the easiest and fastest way for our brain to determine a moment in time.

Ressence took these conclusions and used them to inform the design of its latest timepiece, the Type 1 Squared X.

The watch uses Ressence’s Orbital Convex System architecture with its discs that continually orbit around one another to display the time.

For the new 1 Squared X, a limited edition of 40 pieces, Ressence shows the time of day using a mixture of 48 ceramic micro-balls in yellow, grey, blue and black.

Each moment in time has a unique mix of colors. In the morning the yellow is dominating while in the evening it is blue to the fore.

The 41mm titanium watch can also be read in a more traditional way to get the hours, minutes and day of the week from the constantly pirouetting discs.

It is on sale from today for $23,500.

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