Reservoir watches roar into the UK with Veritime distribution deal


UK distributor Veritime is introducing Reservoir to the UK, a French watch brand that draws a direct line between the passion of motor racing and the design and functionality of its timepieces.

Reservoir launched its first collection at Baselworld this year. The company was created by  Francois Moreau, a former chief operating officer of the wealth management business for HSBC bank in Paris, who is combining his passion for motoring with an addiction for vintage watches.


The first watches from Reservoir are designed to look like the rev counter on a car’s dashboard, although one model also resembles a pressure gauge on a submarine, another takes inspiration from a plane’s cockpit dials.




A Swiss-made automatic movement powers a retrograde minute hand through a 270 degree arc across the dial, with the hour displayed at 6 o’clock.

Below the hour counter is a power reserve that looks like a fuel gauge.

There are four watches in the first collection. GT Tour and Supercharged use elements of racing cars in their designs, the Aiflight is inspired by vintage aircraft and the Tiefenmesser has the appearance of a submarine’s instruments.




UK prices start from £3,500.

Veritime is presenting the watches at November’s Salon QP, and is planning to market the brand in classic motoring magazines.

“In all my  35 years of being in this business I have never seen something so uniquely different, that is also practical, readable and wearable.  It is going to be a runaway success with men interested in cars and watches.  And there are more than enough of those to reach out to in the UK,” says Veritime managing director Neil Duckworth.


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