Reservoir offers a trip to Le Mans for every customer of its IDEC Sport racing team limited edition


French watch business Reservoir has become the official timekeeper of the IDEC Sport racing team for the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2020 and launched a limited edition watch that comes with an exclusive invitation to the legendary race. 

Only 24 of the watches are being made, and it will only be seen for the first time in September, so customers will need to be ready to travel to France at short notice to see the race start on the 19th of the month.

WatchPro has been told it will be a version of Reservoir’s GT Tour collection.


Patrice Lafargue, founder and CEO of the IDEC group, says: “We are delighted with this new adventure with Reservoir and the IDEC Sport team. The values conveyed by the brand correspond well to those of IDEC Sport and our common passion for motorsport.”

François Moreau, founder and CEO of Reservoir, adds: “I am particularly proud to see Reservoir become the watchmaking partner of the formidable IDEC Sport team whose team’s carry values very similar to ours: bold, authenticity, determination, taste for performance and overtaking. We also share a deep passion for motor sport, and I am therefore very happy to develop this collaboration with the IDEC group.”

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