Reservoir makes watch to commemorate 75th anniversary of D-Day


French watchmaker Reservoir is marking the 75th anniversary of the D-Day Landings with a model designed to look like the American Army Jeeps that were used by the allied forces.

“This new timepiece, named the Battlefield D-Day, is a unified symbol of conquest, freedom and automotive engineering, pays tribute to the Jeep and its crucial role in the D-Day Landings, taking inspiration from the Jeep’s measuring instrument,” Reservoir says.

“Eisenhower emphasized the importance of this vehicle, stating it one of the three decisive weapons that the United States had during the war. To honor the history of the Jeep, part of the sales from the Battlefield D-Day will be donated to a charity for the veterans of the operation,” the company adds.


It is not the only nod to the historic importance of the Jeep. The company’s logo takes its shape from the engraving on jerrycans that the vehicles carried.



The Battlefield D-Day model features a sand-khaki dial marked with the national emblem of the U.S. Army, the white star, and is worn on a Nato strap.

The 43mm brushed finish dial has a retrograde minute at 240°, jumping hour and 37 hour power reserve.

It can be pre-ordered now online for £3,500 (around $4500).

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