Report suggests Apple paid SBB GBP13m for clock


A new report to surface has suggested that Apple paid SBB Railways £13 million for the rights to use its famous Swiss railways clock face that is also used on Mondaine watches.

The clock used on Apple’s iOS 6 operating system, which launched in September, was originally used without any permission. After the Swiss company complained that the design of the clock was too similar to its iconic clock face designed in 1944 by Swiss engineer Hans Hilfiker, Apple entered into a belated licensing agreement.

The amount paid for this deal has not been officially revealed to date, but news agency AFP is running with a story that claims that the deal was worth US$21 million (£13.2m).

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When the licensing deal was announced, Andre Bernheim, co-owner of the family-owned Mondaine manufactory, which is licensed to manufacture watches and clocks with the SBB clock design, described Apple as having “great taste”.

At statement from Bernheim read: “Mondaine has made this Swiss time icon internationally known over the past 26 years, a veryreasonable priced Swiss Made watch of timeless, modern and classic design.

"Apple shows great taste by choosing this design for their clock on their devices, and now, the owners of Mondaine watches and clocks as well as iPad owners can even enjoy the same distinct design.”



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