Recycled car parts watchmaker REC debuts with Watchshop.com


WatchShop.com, the UK’s largest online watch retailer, has added REC timepieces to its line up.

REC makes watches made from recycled car parts, with each collection designed to celebrate an iconic car.

The dial of every watch is produced from a raw piece of metal that has been exposed to the elements during its life as part of a car.


This means that each dial has a unique and individual patina and patterning so no two watches are the same.

Because there is always a limited supply of the salvaged car part, every model is made in limited quantities. REC also stamps every watch with the vehicle identification number (VIN) from the original car.

Collections are also designed to pick up styling elements from the source car. This could be the layout of the watch face to mimic a dashboard, or the curve of the case that follows similar lines to a classic car.

Each watch comes with a scannable story card, telling consumers the story of the car that became their watch.

Terry Markham, head of buying at WatchShop.com says:  “We are excited to work with a brand that has unique views on producing watches, especially when each piece we sell has such a rich, diverse history and give the customer a unique story of the watch on their wrist. We look forward to future developments and models in the near future.”

The first collection from REC, the Mark 1 M1 made from used Mini parts, houses a Miyota 9100 Automatic in a watch retailing for  £295.

Higher up the range the REC P51 Mustang Automatic, made from salvaged 1960s Ford Mustangs, is priced at £1250.

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