REC Watches drives recycled Mini watches to London


No two watches are identical in the REC Watches collection, and each timepiece has its own unique story that retailers can use to promote it to their customers.


The concept of REC is to recover, recycle and reclaim iconic and nostalgic objects, and turn them into watches.


In the 2014 collection, for example, REC is using parts from classic Mini cars.

“While bigger and much more expensive brands have recycled pieces of the titanic or even used component technology from airliners, we were determined to focus on forgotten, old and nostalgic objects that have somehow become iconic for their time and purposes, explains Jonathan Kamstrup, who co-founded REC with business partner Christian Mygh.

“The classic Morris/Austin Mini was a perfect fit, but is only the starting point of the many iconic objects that we plan to recycle into watches,” he adds.

The connection to classic British Minis makes the UK market a perfect fit for the Danish watch company, which is why Kamstrup and Mygh are bringing the brand to this year’s London Watch Show along with its distributor Since 1853.

REC will bring 20-30 watches so that trade visitors can get a feel for the uniqueness of every timepiece.

The company will also present the marketing and visual merchandising concepts that retailers will have access to when they stock the brand.

“Just like with our concept, I daresay that we have really been thinking outside the box in terms of showcasing, and I eagerly anticipate the feedback on the entire visual identity profile and marketing material that we can provide our future retailers,” says Kamstrup.

“We are attending the LWS with our distribution partners in the UK, Pete and John Carmichael from Since 1853 Limited. Although I know that Pete and John have invited a list of already interested retailers, I’m convinced that our products cater really, really well to the UK market, emphasised by the fact that the classic Mini is truly considered an icon of British heritage, culture and manufacturing. Our mission is to make qualified retailers across the UK aware of our concept and products, in order to get our products attainable for the British consumer market. Lastly, in our experience, potential retailers usually (and should!) have some questions regarding the products themselves, and who better to answer those than ourselves,” Kamstrup concludes.

The London Watch Show takes place from July 6-7 at Freemasons’ Hall in the heart of London’s Covent Garden. Please click here to learn more and to register to attend.

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