Friday, September 24, 2021

Rebranded RJ opens American subsidiary to establish wholly new retail network


RJ re-invented itself on every level in 2018, starting with a change of name from the previously used Romain Jerome and ending with the appointment of 33-year old Marco Tedeschi as CEO.

The Swiss brand was established in 2004 to create watches that celebrate icons of contemporary life and has made watches with links to video games, music, art, cars, and more.

Mr Tedeschi, who previously worked for 10 years at Hublot, is promising to spark a new era for RJ with a new manufacture he calls the RJ Studio and a plan to set a new creative direction and modernization of the brand’s DNA as it sets out to make iconic, ambitious, and culturally-relevant contemporary luxury watches.


America has been identified as a key target market for RJ’s new CEO, and one of his first significant business moves was to open up a directly owned and managed office in the country. “We are thrilled to take this momentum as RJ re-sets and moves to establish a wholly new retail network in the Americas. This region has always been a very important market for our brand. Opening up our own subsidiary in the US was the logical next step, enabling us to get closer to all market players,” says Mr Tedeschi.

Benoit Vulliet was appointed as managing director of the Americas for RJ in January. He previously held senior roles in marketing and brand development for Hublot and Zenith in the United States.

He is tasked with laying the foundations for RJ’s brand distribution and adding retail partners throughout North America.

The stellar piece from RJ’s 2019 line up is the ARRAW 6919, an in-house 360° moon phase timepiece made with authentic material from the Apollo 11 spacecraft which first placed man on the moon 50 years ago.


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