Rebecca Struthers to front AHS Wristwatch Group


Rebecca Struthers has been named as the public face of the Antiquarian Horological Society’s Wristwatch Group.

Ms Struthers (pictured), founding director of the Struthers London watch company, is a self-professed watch historian.

Dr James Nye, chairman of the newly formed Wristwatch Group, says it will play a valuable role in helping current watch makers and enthusiasts understand Britain’s role in the history of global horology.


“Wristwatches came to dominate timepiece manufacture in the twentieth century—a period of vast and growing interest to historians of material culture. The creation of this new group is long overdue, but hugely welcome and one of the best developments in a while in the rigorous examination of the history of horology,” he told WatchPro.

Members of the Wristwatch Group will have regular meetings in the form of lectures, short talks, bring-and-discuss sessions, and visits to exhibitions, private collections and centres for the practice and study of watchmaking both in the UK and abroad.

The Group will bring together enthusiasts keen to learn more about the origins, makers, techniques, family and corporate histories and indeed any of the material and cultural aspects associated with wristwatches. All are welcome, whether new to the subject or recognized authorities.

Being both a watchmaker and a historian, I’m very much looking forward to busting some of the myths modern marketing has spun about this history of our industry. At a time when we’re all looking to the future of British watchmaking there couldn’t be a better time to look back, learn from our mistakes and design a better future,” said Ms Struthers.

Other founders of the Group include British Museum curator Laura Turner, Revolution magazine editor-in-chief Tracey Llewellyn and blogger and founder of The Watch Nerd Mat Craddock.


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