Raymond Weil CEO donates his very first watch to raise money for children’s cancer charity


In an act of holiday season generosity, Raymond Weil’s CEO, Elie Bernheim, is donating the very first timepiece he ever owned to raise money for a children’s cancer charity.

The watch was personally gifted to Elie Bernheim by his grandfather – and founder of the company – Mr Raymond Weil.

“Time puts things in perspective. We cannot get more of it; but we can certainly make the most of it for ourselves and others. Find the time to support childhood cancer with us. Rates have been slightly rising for the past few decades and continue to affect the lives of children and their families worldwide.

“Every two minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer. About 300,000 kids worldwide are diagnosed with cancer each year. To support this battle, Raymond Weil is releasing a very special watch in which the totality of proceeds will go towards pediatric onco-hematology unit of HUG Geneva Hospital for medical research to help find cure for children and improve medical assistance for their family,” says Mr Bernheim.

The one-off timepiece is now available to buy on raymond-weil.co.uk for £8,700 ($11,331).

100% of proceeds will go to the pediatric onco-hematology unit of Geneva Hospital.



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