Rainbow Mountain in Perus inspires unique lamination of latest Casio MTG


Casio has used a new manufacturing process for randomly laminating carbon and colored glass fibers to create a unique striped pattern for the dial of a new MTG-B2000XMG.

Casio likens the effect to the colors of Rainbow Mountain, a mountain in the Andes of Peru, which has exposed layers of different colors created by the oxidation of minerals built up over time from volcanic activity and tectonic movement.

The way materials are laminated together and then cut makes no two watches look exactly the same for the MTG-B2000XMG.


The watch keeps itself accurate time anywhere in the world by receiving radio wave time-calibration signals.

Rainbow Mountain in Peru.

It is also tethered to a smartphone app that keeps the watch automatically up to date with time zone and daylight savings time.

Other features include solar charging and a high-brightness LED to ensure optimum convenience.

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