Radio 2’s Chris Evans asks Robert Loomes for a history lesson on British clockmaking

Robina Hill and Robert Loomes featured in the WatchPro Hot 100.

Robert Loomes will be giving Radio 2 listeners a history lesson on British clockmaking on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show tomorrow morning (July 4).

Associates of Mr Loomes could not elaborate on the precise nature of the conversation, and why British clockmaking is a worthy topic for the 9.5 million listeners who regularly tune into the Breakfast Show.

One possibility is a regular segment on the show called Make the Mystery Guest a Not So Mystery Guest, where Mr Evans chats to somebody on a topic about which he has no prior knowledge.


There are few horologists working in the UK today with a greater knowledge of the nation’s history of clock and watchmaking than Mr Loomes.

He grew up in a family business steeped in horology, surrounded by clocks and watches, and by tales of Thomas Loomes, an eminent 17th century watchmaker.

When he took control of the company from his father, it was mainly a repair and restoration operation. But Mr Loomes was convinced it was possible to design and manufacture every component required to create an English watch, a mission he ultimately fulfilled.

Robert Loomes now employs 12 watchmakers who come together to perform everything from machining components to the final assembly.

As well as maintaining his role as technical director of the business, Mr Loomes also serves as vice chair and director of the British Horological Institute.

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