QUICKFIRE Q&A: David Candaux uses lock down to create future classics


David Candaux is first and foremost a watchmaker and designer. If his watches are exciting enough, they will take care of the business side of things. 

Its a philosophy that is suited to the current global lock down because he can use the time at home to contemplate his next great novelties, and his watches are produced in such limited quantities there is a customer for every one of them.

Following what Mr Candaux describes as a fantastic year in 2019, we caught up with him to discuss how he is working through the challenges of the never-to-be-forgotten 2020.


WatchPro: Let’s talk about normal times. How was 2019 for D.Candaux? What were your greatest achievements and what were you working to achieve from a watchmaking and business point of view?

David Candaux: 2019 was a fantastic year for me!  Not only have I been blessed in building relationships with many new clients, but I have also been working diligently on creating an all new movement for the D. Candaux line up.  I must say, with all aspects of my work taken into consideration, my greatest achievements lie within the satisfaction of my demanding customers.  The gratification I feel when delivering my timepieces to a devoted enthusiasts is unmatched!

WatchPro: What were your plans coming into 2020 and how has the current healthcare challenge altered your objectives for this year?

David Candaux: As with the turn of any new year, I had many new and exciting plans for 2020.  Unfortunately, this global pandemic affects us all and has caused many unexpected obstacles to arise.  For me, this interferes with opportunities to showcase my work at various events and gatherings across the globe.

On a positive note, I will have more time to spend with my loved ones whilst brainstorming new ideas from the isolation of my home in the Valley.

WatchPro:How and when will you present your main novelties for the year? Is there anything you can share with me now?

David Candaux: I’m already in discussions with my team regarding the release of my newest timepiece, the DC6 Black Phantom Carbon.

Although you will have to wait for the final release to learn much of the details, I can inform you that it is my lightest creation to date, weighing less than 30 grams.

Depending on how current events unfold, we will decide how to present it to the public.

WatchPro: You exhibited at Baselworld until 2019. What will you do next year?

David Candaux: Yes, Baselworld has always been something I look forward to. In these uncertain times it is difficult for me to give an accurate insight to my future plans. Hopefully things will settle down in the near future so that I can make a more concrete schedule.

WatchPro: Does your size as a business make it easier or harder to operate through the current crisis, and what plans do you have to bounce back once the global economy starts to return to normal?

David Candaux: The small size of my business and the nature of my work allow me to remain productive in times like these.

On the other hand, opportunities to display my work will be severely limited.

I suppose only time will tell how effectively D. Candaux copes with this crisis.  As for how I plan to bounce back, I believe the work I continue to put into research and development will lead to some interesting new ideas.

WatchPro: If we could skip ahead to 2021, what will be your main business objectives and what do you have planned to keep the watchmaking story moving forward?

David Candaux: I previously mentioned that I have been working on a brand new movement, my goal is to have it ready for presentation by 2021.

Our main business objective will have to be to raise awareness of the brand, as this is the area I believe will be the most affected by the ongoing pandemic.

The watchmaking story will continue to move forward so long as we have talented independent watchmakers to keep the wheels turning!

I think in the future more and more connoisseurs will be turning to independent watchmakers to meet their desires.

With that said, the future of watchmaking looks very promising in my opinion.

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