QUICKFIRE Q&A: California-based Dumoreau eyes alternative to Swiss and Japanese watchmaking


Established just last year in Southern California by award-winning architecture and product designer Carlo Aiello, Dumoreau Watches is looking to provide an alternative to Swiss and Japanese watches.

Aiello’s design studio is the recipient of the Red Dot Award, the Good Design Award, and the ICFF Studio Award.

In addition, his work has been included in the permanent collection of the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and at the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design.


Now, Mr Aiello is hoping to make a similar, significant impact on the watch industry:

WP: How do you feel your background has influenced your watches?

CA: As an architect and industrial designer, I aspire for my work to achieve a balance between function and aesthetics. It is this dialogue and tension between the two that inform the design of our watches. For the DM01, there is an exploration of light play, which is informed by a pure geometry and the contrast of polished and brushed surfaces.

WP: Tell me about the journey to be here in terms of DUMOREAU?

CA: I have been an architect for over 20 years, but I have been a watch enthusiast for my entire life. In 2021, I decided to create DUMOREAU and join my two passions. I am very enthusiastic about the pace in which projects can become a reality in the watch world. Although it might seem as a slow industry, it is actually relatively faster when compared to architecture. In one year we were able to conceive, manufacture, and sell our first watch. We have reached a technological state that allows rapid prototyping and manufacturing.

WP: What inspires your watch design?

CA: Minimalist lines, symmetry, and ergonomics inspire the design of our watches. Our goal is to offer exceptional design and built quality at an affordable price.  We design to achieve the best proportions for the majority of wrist sizes. The DM01 is a strong, yet refined presence that can be enjoyed in casual and formal settings.

WP: What is the main target audience for your watches?

CA: Our main audience consists of watch enthusiasts that are in the lookout for independent watchmakers offering great design at the fraction of the cost of big brands. This is possible because we sell our products directly to the consumer without the mark-ups of distributors and retailers.

Our watches are designed and assembled in California and we have the same supplier as some of the best-known brands.

WP: Do you expect any particular locations to perform better? California?

CA: Although our audience is global, there is a strong interest from Americans to buy American designed and assembled products. At the beginning, we would like to cater to this audience and as we grow, expand to different countries.

Our first watch was very well received worldwide and more than 50% of the sales came from other countries than the US. We have a strong following in Australia, France, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

WP: When can customers expect to receive their watches?

CA: The DM01 was launched last year and all watches have been delivered. This year we are offering two new dial colors. The turquoise edition is limited to 75 pieces, while the gold edition is limited to 30 pieces. Watches will be delivered in May of this year.

WP: What is plan for the next launch?

CA: Our next watch is very exciting. We have been working on a dress piece that is suitable for the office and for the weekends. We are working with a Swiss manufacturer and we will offer a Swiss-made product at a very competitive price. This release is planned for May 2022.

WP: How do you see DUMOREAU over the next 1-3 years?

CA: During the next few years we plan to design, develop, and launch one new watch per year. We would like to build a portfolio of watches that offer different functions and experiences. With each new project, we will bring new complications but remain true to our mission of offering exceptional design and built quality at an affordable price.

Discover the brand HERE.

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