Queen rock legend Brian May lends his name and guitar design to limited edition Seiko 5 Sport


Legendary Queen guitarist Brian May has given permission for his Red Special electric guitar, which he designed and made with his father back in the 1960s, to be used as inspiration for a new Seiko 5 Sports watch.

“I am delighted to see this watch come alive, and proud that the creation of me and my dad all those years ago has inspired this collaboration,” Mr May says.

“I love my Seiko and it has served me well for many years. I will wear this new one with pride.”


The Red Special guitar was made by hand, with only hand tools. The neck was carved from the wood of an old fireplace, 100 years old at the time.



Seiko’s limited edition 5 Sport X Brian May dial has the same red and black color scheme as the Red Special and features a delicate wood-like pattern like the body of the guitar.


It is sold in a special box designed to look like a guitar case, and the package includes a commemorative coin that is based on the sixpenny piece that he has used throughout his career as a plectrum.



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