Q&A:Isabelle Philippe, Guess Watches brand manager

Isabelle Philippe is the brand manager for Guess Watches. She tells WatchPro about the brand’s women’s collections, changing demand and the new directions its women’s watches are set to take.

WatchPro: Have you noticed that the demands of your female customers has changed?
Isabelle Philippe: The Guess girl is fashion savvy, always looking for the latest trend and the perfect accessory to match her wardrobe. In the past few months, our Guess girl has fallen in love with both gold and rose gold executions of our popular styles as well as our strong animal look pieces. Recently we feel also that they are looking for more refined and petite designs.

WP: How have Guess watch designs changed for women?
IP: Guess watches are well known for strong, expressive and sexy design – always in line with the inspired world of fashion design. This will still remains and our customers are loyal to this look. In addition for the SS13 season, we see a return of bohemian and baroque looks as well as a strong rose gold presence. At Guess Watches we are embracing these trends with our new jewel cocktail watch. Fine, unique, delicate watches will be a must-have next season.

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WP: How have your brands kept up to date with the desires of female customers – do you carry out market research or utilised retailer feedback?
IP: We always listen to feedback from all sources, especially our customers as they are the key to our success. At Guess Watches we are passionate about communicating with customers on social media platforms like Facebook as well as fashion blogs so that we are continually interacting with our customer.

WP: Will you continue to put the same amount of investment into your women’s collections in the future?
IP: Guess women’s watches comprise a large portion of our business. As a company, we will always ensure we are offering new, innovative designs to our female customers, yet we have seen in recent months a significant growth in our male business. Our male Guess customer is also fashion savvy and we are offering sophisticated sport product combining elegant details and a masculine statement.

WP: In which ways are you developing your women’s offer to keep it cutting edge and a must-have accessory?
IP: We work closely with Guess Inc’s Los Angeles design team to ensure watches are an integrated part of the Guess lifestyle brand. We take inspiration from clothing, handbags and shoes to create one brand look. This is our key point of difference from other brands. We are adding new twists each season, keep an eye out for our You Make me Blush for SS13 season.