Q&A with Omega president on GMT watches


Most of Omega’s co-axial calibres have time zone functions so Omega is no stranger to GMT models.

The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Good Planet GMT (pictured) is the brand’s most current GMT model. WatchPro spoke to Omega president Stephen Urquhart about the significance of the models to the brand.

WatchPro: How important is a decent travel-friendly watch offer for a watch brand?
Stephen Urquhart:
Watches with a function or design that allows the wearer to keep track of the time in more than one time zone have certainly continued to gain popularity as travel becomes more accessible to people all over the world.

WP: What are consumers looking for when they chose a GMT model?
A majority of Omega’s exclusive co-axial calibres have a time zone function, which allows the wearer to change the position of the hour hand – backward or forward – without stopping the running minutes and seconds hands. A GMT watch has an extra hand that points to a 24-hour indication and moves around the dial once every day – this makes it possible for the wearer to track the time in two time zones. A true GMT watch is equipped with the time zone function, which ensures that not a second is lost when the wearer changes the time on his or her wristwatch. This level of precision available with a GMT watch and time zone function is what a customer is searching for.

WP: What have been the most significant technological developments in the travel watch genre?
The most significant advancement for travel-friendly watches has been the time zone function. While dual-time zone watches, world timers and GMT timepieces allow the wearer to keep track of the local time and the time in a different part of the world, the time zone function improved timekeeping performance. The time zone function paired with Omega’s revolutionary co-axial escapement and Si14 silicon balance spring has definitely set new standards in terms of the performance, accuracy and quality of mechanical watches.

WP: What developments do you expect to see from travel-friendly watches in the future?
I can only speak for Omega but we do not plan on changing the function or complication themselves. We will, however, continue to incorporate them into the watches we will launch in the future.

This interview first appeared in an article in the October issue of WatchPro. To see the full digital version of the magazine, click here



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