Q&A: Scott Cassell on diving watch requirements


Undersea explorer and expert counter-terrorism operative Scott Cassell works closely with Luminox, which supplies watches to the US Navy Seals.

Luminox has backed Cassell with the launch of the 1525 Deep Dive Special Scott Cassell and the 3954 Colormark Special Scott Cassell timepieces, with a portion of the proceeds from sales going towards supporting Cassell’s organisations, Sea Wolves and Underwater Voyager Project (UVP). For Cassell, who needs the right equipment to support his underwater expeditions, working with the right watch brand was non-negotiable.

WatchPro: Have watches always been an integral part of diving apparatus and why?
Scott Cassell: Diving is an art of time. To avoid running out of breathing gas at depth and to manage safe decompression and to make certain a high tide area is safe – time is life.

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WP: What makes a decent diving watch?
SC: A dive watch used by professionals must be tough and clear. What I mean by that is it has to survive the stresses of a dive that is not recreational. Luminox is the only watch that that is always visible and when combined with its inherent toughness truly is essential gear to my work.

WP: Are there any modern developments that you are excited by?
SC: The 25-year glow with no external energy is my hands-down favourite but I must say seeing UVP and my Sea Wolves Unlimited logos on the watch faces is a close second – that’s just me appreciating the courageous support of Luminox to the oceans and my work.

WP: Do you think amateur and pro divers look for different functions in their watches?
SC: Not really. I have noticed most recreational divers look to those that make their living in the sea for guidance and –often – correctly so. It seems to me that lately nearly everyone wants to look like a Combat Diver by wearing mostly black or camo dive gear. Why not? Imitation is the finest form of flattery.

WP: How important are looks for a diver’s watch?
SC: To me, the reliability, toughness and ease of reading a bright clear face are what makes a watch great. Looks are not important to me. I am not fashionable in any sense – just ask my fiancé Kerry. Having said that, I’m blessed that the Luminox watches are so beautiful and it often sends a message that I may actually have some fashion sense. But to dispel any misconceptions, I don’t.

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