Q&A: Robin Kamal, WatchHub


Robin Kamal is the co-founder of watch retailer WatchHub. As part of WatchPro’s in-depth look at the kids’ watch market he speaks to us about untapped potential in the children’s watch market, and the brands getting it right and those getting it worng.

WatchPro: How do you categorise the kids’ watch market?
Robin Kamal: I split kids into age 5 to 8, 9 to 12 and 13+.

WP: How have watch sales fared at the younger end of the market?
RK: The 5- to 8-year-old market has been largely character and fun watches and I don’t think this will change much.


WP: Where do the opportunities lie in the kids’ watch market?
RK: In my view the opportunity is with kids aged 9 to 12 and the 13+ market. The choice used to be kids’ watches or basic small adult watches. Kids watches tended to be babyish and brands such as Timex, Sekonda and Casio were chosen on price rather than style. This is where the is potential is.

WP: So kids have grown up in their watch choices then?
RK: Children want brands based on style.

WP: Are there any watch brands that you feel are tapping into this potential?
RK: Ice-Watch has exploited this perfectly with its fashionable colours. It opened up opportunities by making the same watch in different sizes suitable for small children to adults. They are seen as grown up and trendy watches by children and fun watches by adults.

WP: Are there any watch brands that haven’t quite hit the nail on the head?
RK: Watches that have got it horribly wrong are Marc Ecko. They tried to create a brand based on street watches with graffiti styles, but it just didn’t work.




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