Q&A: Pier Paolo Righi, Karl Lagerfeld


At the end of last year Fossil unveiled a new brand of fashion watches created by Karl Lagerfeld. As the watches take prime position in stores such as Goldsmiths, Selfridges and House of Fraser, we speak to Karl Lagerfeld president Pier Paolo Righi about the intricacies of translating a fashion brand into a watch brand.

WatchPro: When did you first decide you might like to produce a Karl Lagerfeld watch collection?
Pier Paolo Righi: Time is a precious good in current times and it was always our vision from the beginning to complete our ready-to-wear accessories and eyewear line with a time collection. Karl Lagerfeld said ‘time is one of the most precious assets we have, and watches have always fascinated me’. This collection represents his vision and passion.

WP: The range features quite unusual and edgy designs that use chain, thick leather straps and studs – what is the inspiration behind the collection?
PPR: Born from the mind of Karl Lagerfeld, the watch collection represents the designer’s vision translated to modern timepieces. Iconic and edgy, the seven watch platforms are presented in an assortment of colours and sizes, offering the ultimate in fashion versatility. The collection does more than just lure the eye — you can wear this runway-ready style as multiple accessories.


WP: What was the most challenging aspect of creating the Karl Lagerfeld watch collection?
PPR: The watch collection has been developed with a lot of passion for each and every watch. The objective was to create an iconic collection that represents the designer’s vision and can be worn as a functional watch, whilst being an exciting accessory to complete any wardrobe at the same time.

WP: Where do you see the Karl Lagerfeld watch brand sitting in the market?
PPR: Karl Lagerfeld is positioned as accessible luxury. As he says ‘you cannot buy time, but you can get a beautiful watch to measure time without spending a fortune’.

WP: As the collection is quite edgy, do you believe there scope for men to wear the watches or is it aimed solely at women?
PPR: The watch collection has been developed to be a collection for both men and women.

WP: Would you say that your watches are designed more for daywear or evening?
PPR: The collection covers the full range; pyramid studs and bold chains that can impress during a night out, but at the same time more classical watches that can be worn with any business outfit but still remain exciting.

WP: Will there be a second collection of Karl Lagerfeld watches and if so, can you tell us a little about what we can expect?
PPR: The collection will be renewed constantly, adding more colours and exciting new styles. There is much to look forward to.

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