Q&A: Marie Yoshizawa, Sheen designer


Sheen, Casio’s brand for women, has recently signed a multi-platform sponsorship and licensing package, as well as a product placement agreement, with The Only Way is Essex on ITV2.

As the brand goes from strength to strength the design of the timepieces has never been more important. WatchPro caught up with Sheen designer Marie Yoshizawa.

WatchPro: How would you describe Sheen as a brand?
Marie Yoshizawa: Sheen is a brand for independent and brilliant women with ‘eternal shine’. To differentiate from other fashion brands, we use titanium ceramics on hero models for its bezel which keeps good appearance for long time. Also, Illumination Index is our original lighting system that we use to express the ‘eternal shine’ concept.


WP: How have the brand and its products evolved since it started?
MY: Sheen started as a brand from 1999 in Japan. Since then, it has become successful mainly in Asia. Based on this success, we launched Sheen in UK from 2012 A/W and it also launched in other European countries from 2013 S/S.

WP: What do you think Sheen customers are like and what do they want from the watches?
We think the combination of beauty and practicality will be appreciated by our target customers. Sheen watches are not only beautiful watch but also have 5-bar water resistance and sapphire glass, so you don’t have to worry about scratches or breaking it when doing housework or working outside. Additionally, Sheen fits not only the casual scene but also formal situations, like the party scene. You can wear a beautiful watch every moment free from worry if you choose Sheen.

WP: What does the process involve when designing and developing a new timepiece or collection?
When we develop new timepieces, we always place great importance on demand research. Actually, before developing new Sheen for European countries, we had some focus group interviews at London, Paris and Milano. Based on the result of that research, we developed our original module movement for European women.

WP: Is it exciting seeing your visions come to life?
Yes, it’s really exciting. Casio is the watch manufacturer, which can develop from module to exterior design by our selves. So a lot of people relate to one brand. Also in overseas markets, we involve local sales and marketing staff when developing new products. It is exciting that creating products with a lot of people and watching the product being worn by target consumers around the world.

WP: What would you say have been the most exciting developments on the watch market in terms design over the past year or so and why?
Among Casio watches, I feel G-Shock’s GA-110 hyper complex concept is the most exciting one. The design expresses the beauty of complication using resin materials and various colours, which is completely opposite approach against Swiss watches.

WP: Which Sheen watches have been best sellers so far and why do you think that is?
SHE-3503BD and SHE-4507BD are best sellers so far. I think sporty grey IP and titanium ceramic have a good reputation among customers.

WP: What are your plans for Sheen products going forward?
We are going to evolve the ‘eternal shine’ concept and develop new collections with Casio’s original ‘shine’ concept.

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