Q&A: Kevin Pietersen MBE, Citizen ambassador


Citizen put a series of questions to its ambassador, cricketer Kevin Pietersen, to get some insight into his take on Citizen and other, less closely related issues.

Citizen: What are the best bits about being a brand ambassador for Citizen Watches?
Kevin Pietersen: Citizen is a truly global brand and it’s great to see the watches I support wherever I travel in the world. The sheer size and power of Citizen means it’s constantly innovating and releasing new designs to keep the watches looking stylish and functional.

Citizen: Which watch from the new AW13 collection has caught your eye?
KP: The new Satellite Wave-Air.

Citizen: What was your proudest moment of your cricket career to date?
KP: Being selected to play for England.


Citizen: What was your most favourite playing-Ashes moment to date?
KP: Probably my double hundred in Adelaide.

Citizen: How many cricket bats do you usually have in your bag? Do you have a lucky bat?
KP: I normally carry three or four and use one I like until it breaks.

Citizen: Where is your favourite place to tour and why?
KP: I love the Caribbean. The Islands are very chilled and relaxed, the climate is great, beaches superb and they love their cricket over there.

Citizen: How hard has it been for you to maintain your fitness when injured?
KP: It’s part of being a pro sportsmen but for me it’s my job so you have to do it and I am very disciplined when it comes to fitness and rehab.

Citizen: How do you keep motivated?
KP: It’s frustrating not being able to play so that drives me if I’m injured. I always want to improve so that keeps me going

Citizen: What’s the best bit of gossip you’ve heard about yourself?
KP: Ha ha, I have heard some unbelievable stuff. When I was house hunting a couple of papers suggested I was looking at a £15m house…….as if!



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