Q&A: Katie Constable, Victorinox


Victorinox has been upping its game online, with a dedicated Instagram page for the UK market and watches proving to be the product gaining the most traction with fans on its Facebook page. We speak to Victorinox PR Katie Constable about utilising online.

WatchPro: Can you describe the Instagram competition and how it worked?
Katie Constable: The Instagram Advent of Craft was a twist on the traditional advent with a handcrafted countdown and prizes every day from our full range; you could win everything from a Swiss army knife to a timepiece or AW13 fashion. The entry mechanic was kept very simple; viewers just had to ‘like’ the daily advent image to enter the draw. Keeping things simple made it more fun for our Instagram fans, and encouraged a too and fro conversation online.

WP: What was the thought process behind the feature?
KC: Instagram is such a visual space for a brand to be playful, to filter the way we communicate. Social media offers Victorinox an opportunity to be part of people’s lifestyle through imagery that wouldn’t always be able to be commissioned if we only had the traditional platforms. The Advent of Craft project showcased bespoke product photography, highlighting the quality and details symbolic of the Victorinox brand promise. We also wanted to embrace the season of giving and reward our customers, social media fans and maybe make a few friends.


WP: Was it intended to engage people using different types of digital devices?
KC: Instagram is really at its best seen and interacted with via mobile. When planning this campaign, part of the drive was to bring Victorinox into the everyday for anyone. Mobile phones certainly open up the potential to stretch far and wide in our reach of people. Victorinox has a strong presence on Facebook with local country pages and also on a global level – this space is where our fans talk to us from all over the world, in detail, at length. We can make our Facebook content on many layers as this platform sits well on all devices.

WP: Does the availability of different types of online devices allow brands to be more creative?
KC: Creative content is the only way for a brand to distinguish itself among the competitors, over and above the usual audio-visual noise of an online social channel. Multiple devices allow a brand to have one creative concept active in several ways, at the same time. Being strategic about how you slice your creative across a particular device will let you cherry pick much more precisely how a campaign impacts on your audience.

WP: Why is interaction with customers increasingly important and how does embracing the internet accommodate that?
KC: Social media gives everyone an equality to communicate; basically anyone can talk straight to us, from anywhere. As a global brand, with a prestigious heritage, Victorinox has a huge fan base, which is an enormous privilege – we make it a real priority to listen, respond and react to our customer feedback.



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