Q&A: Cos Costas of David Mason on the LWS


WatchPro interviewed Cos Costas of David Mason about why the London Watch Show, which takes place next week, is an important event for the UK watch industry.

WatchPro: Why do you think a UK watch show for the trade is important for both brands and retailers?
Cos Costas:
Aspecialist watch-only trade show in the UK with has been a must for a few years now and to finally have one is fabulous. It gives our homegrown brands the opportunity to show their wares to the entire UK watch retail market in a fantastic venue, all under one roof.

WP: Has the London Watch Show come at a good time for you?
The event ties in with our 2013 plans to break into the retail environment with three new collections. We have found that there are very limited opportunities to showcase your watch brand in the UK to like-minded businesses and retailers.


WP: How is the UK watch market holding up and how do you expect it to perform over the next year or so?
CC: Demand for watches in the UK is as strong as ever in our opinion. You just have to look at Bremont’s expansion and the recent explosion of new luxury British brands like Schofield, Robert Loomes and Meridian. Sales in the UK, and especially for British brands, have been on the up and are still going that way in our opinion.

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