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Citizen’s autumn/winter 2013 collections feature the new World Time A.T., Eco-Drive Satellite Wave Air and Navihawk A.T.

The brand is among those that are applying advanced technologies to the genre. WatchPro found out more from Citizen UK managing director Mark Robinson.

WatchPro: How important is a decent travel watch offer for a watch brand?
: It is extremely important and part of our brand strategy. With ever increasing numbers of consumers travelling, they are looking for the ultimate in convenience from their timepiece. The ease of changing between time zones, reviewing home times, and setting alarms is paramount in selecting a watch. Citizen has a broad range of watches from the most popular Skyhawk A.T. collection to the new World Time A.T. – and for the first time our new Ladies Eco-Drive World Time A.T. – and the ultimate in technological advances, our new Satellite Wave Air, which is able to receive the atomic clock signal from satellites anywhere on earth.

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WP: Are consumers’ demands from a travel watch greater these days and what functionality do they seek?
Yes, again down to the amount of travelling nowadays, consumers are looking for ease of switching between time zones and therefore world time facilities. Alarms, perpetual calendar, dual time, and atomic time synchronisation for ultimate accuracy are other features the consumer demands. Couple this with water resistance and a watch that never needs a battery on your travels and that is why Citizen is at the forefront of this category.

WP: What would you say have been the most significant technological developments in the genre?
A mixture of many advances but certainly Eco-Drive technology coupled with world time and atomic clock synchronisation stand out. The ease of changing between time zones, and whilst travelling you know your watch will never need a pit stop to change the battery. Not to mention ultra-accurate.

WP: What do you know of the history of travel watches and how they have evolved over time?
World time watches have been around for many years, mainly in a digital format or the use of a bezel/dial ring to indicate different time zones. Central to Citizen’s success recently has been the use of radio controlled atomic time synchronisation technology coupled with world time facilities.

Citizen developed the first world’s multi-zone radio controlled watch back in 1993, and pioneered other world firsts behind radio control, hence the success and reputation we have today. This year we are launching two new collections within our A.T. family. The World Time A.T. for both gents and ladies, plus the new Navihawk A.T, including the Red Arrows Limited Edition.

This interview first appeared in an article in the October issue of WatchPro.

To see the full digital issue, click here.

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