Pursuit goes wireless with new chip and pin system


Pursuit is set to launch brand new software linking wireless chip and pin terminals with till-on-a-tablet computers, which it says will help to boost shop payment security.

The company states that its latest innovation, which links with its Lifestyle software, "is typical of progressive system enhancements" over the past year. The wireless chip and pin system allows payments to be taken in front of a customer, without them losing sight of their credit or debit card.

Pursuit managing director Mike Burns said: “In a retail environment, wireless pads are another aid to staff mobility. Used in conjunction with Pursuit’s tablet computer based Lifestyle till and stock presentation technology, they mean every step of the sales process, from selection of an item to completion of the transaction, can be carried out wherever the customer happens to be in the retail space."


When used with its Lifestyle system the new wireless payment means that staff are not required to key in the value of the sale; instead the transaction total is fed direct from the sales screen via the tablet, meaning there is a reduced chance of inputting an incorrect amount.

“The technology is consistent with the ideal of cultivating a closer relationship between the retailer and the customer, and new-concept shop formats designed to encourage that," states Burns. "Staff-to-customer interaction is on a more direct person-to-person level instead of across the physical barrier of a counter with a conventional till, the entire sales process can take place wherever the customer happens to be in the shop.”

Pursuit says that more than 100 jewellery shops have chosen to switch to Pursuit retail systems in the past 12 months, driven by jewellers experiencing growth in online sales.

“It is evident that many jewellers are forced to use an internet services provider – inevitably at a cost – whenever they want to change stock displayed on the website. To update stock records, they may also have to input web sales manually [but] with the Pursuit system, stock records are updated automatically the minute a sale is made – in the shop or on the web, it makes no difference," Burns adds.

The Lifestyle system also allows for several users at any one time, without affecting its speed and responsiveness.

Pursuit will demonstrate its new wireless chip and pin pad and Lifestyle till link at IJL this weekend, where it will also introduce a new Lifestyle display screen format option.

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