Prototype hold-up forces Goldgena to delay fundraising campaign


The Goldgena Project – a venture bidding to launch a watch priced no more than 3.5 times its cost of production and with complete transparency on margins – has postponed the date of its crowdfunding campaign following a delay in receiving the first sample models.

The company had intended to begin its Kickstarter campaign on November 7, but has now pushed it back to November 22 due to a hold-up in production of demo models.

“Unfortunately, the complexity of our dials is requiring more processing time than we had anticipated. We will be receiving our prototypes 15 days late,” the company explained.


The prototypes are set to be used in filming for the crowdfunding campaign, which is why the company has had to delay the crowdfunding launch date.

It said it would rather wait for the prototypes to arrive and push the campaign back than rush production through. “Compromising on quality to speed things up was out of the question,” it said.

The crowdfunding campaign marks the next stage in the development of Goldgena and, according to the business, it means there will be no risk of overstocking, as the units are produced in precise quantities according to pre-orders made by contributors.

Goldgena has gained notoriety for the mystique that surrounds it. The company initially refused to reveal the people behind it as it wanted all the emphasis to be on its product and approach, as well as to kindle curiosity.

However, it has since emerged that it is run by a small watch design workshop called Cosanova and is currently made up of three people, including founder and designer Claudio d’Amore.

Earlier this month it called on the public to put themselves forward as brand ambassadors after announcing that it would not be looking for celebrity endorsement.

It said it is looking for people who have a specific talent, natural kindness or a radiant aura that deserves to be highlighted.

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