Product designer creates O.D.M’s new Hacker watch


O.D.M, the watch brand that prides itself on being “original, dynamic and minimalistic”, has hired award-winning product designer Michael Young to help it create its new Hacker timepiece.

The fashion brand has worked with Young on the new watch, which has an oversized, concave dial and is available in a number of colourways including gold, monochrome black, grey and purple.

Max Bailey, of the brand’s UK distributor Tide said: “O.D.M have reinvented the formal accessory as we know it; this watch demands attention and respect as soon as it enters a room.


“There is a style for everyone, from the up-to-the-minute, flashy young gentleman to the neutral, minimalistic fellow.”

Instead of numerals, the watch has 60 indices dotted around the dial, indicating the minutes. The stainless steel watch has an IP coating and a PU strap, and is water resistant.

Young designed the watch for O.D.M, and is known for his previous work with brands such as Lacoste. He has been designing for 18 years and has won numerous awards. He is also behind O.D.M’s SunStitch timepiece.



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