PRODUCT: Bremont’s ALTI-C Rose Gold Classic Chrono

Bremont has unveiled the ALTI-C Rose Gold Classic Chronograph, which has been inspired by the Victory Limited Edition watch that the brand released in 2012 in collaboration with The Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth.

The style of the timepiece is based on the classic ALTI-C collection. It is Bremont’s first non-limited edition gold watch that will form part of the core collection but will only be produced in limited numbers each year. Less than 65 are being made in 2013.

Following in the footsteps of the original ALTI-C range, the ALTI-C Rose Gold Classic Chronograph will be COSC rated and manufactured at Bremont’s watch making facility in Henley-On-Thames, where all of the brand’s watches are now being made.

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Speaking about the introduction of the new model, Bremont co-founder Nick English said: “The ALT1-C Rose Gold is a beautiful addition to the ALT1-C collection. We were extremely proud with the end result of the Victory Limited Edition and we wanted to preserve some of the attributes that inspired this. Our classic collection has proved so popular over the years due to the timeless style of design. It was very important that we retained that with the ALT1-C Rose Gold, whilst injecting a sense of elegance that is seen in British dress watches of the early 1900’s, we believe we have succeeded in that”.

The ALT1-C Rose Gold will be launched in November 2013 and will retail at £13,950.



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