Preston retailer shocked by £8k Rolex theft


A Lancashire jeweller has admitted his shock after a thief escaped with an £8,000 Rolex watch as it was being showed to a customer.

Police are now investigating the incident after the individual allegedly ran out of DJM Jewellers in Preston with the high value Rolex Daytona.

CCTV cameras captured the man in the store before he made off with the watch as it was being viewed by a customer.


Shop partner David Mounsey told the Lancashire Evening Telegraph that it all happened in an instant. “He almost knocked the (customer) over, she was traumatised,” he said.

The watch had been on display in the shop window before it was taken out and shown to the customer.

Mounsey told the paper: “He must have noticed the lock on the door, because the moment one of the other staff members went to open it and let the other customer out, he got the watch in his hand and ran out extremely fast. We were all shocked, we take security very seriously and we want this man found.”

Police said they have been made aware of the incident, but nobody has been arrested.

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